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  • Acrylic Resist Etching
  • Metal Salt Etching
  • Electro Etching
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Individual Methods                


     Etching Copper and Brass     

     Etching Zinc, Steel and Aluminum

     Copper Sulfate Mordant

     Acrylic Resist Etching

     Hard and Soft Ground


     Lift Ground and Aquatint


     Electro-Etching: The Basis

     Cupric Chloride Etch 

     Photocopy Etch                                                                                                                           

     Etching Ingredients


    Traditional Printmaking Topics  - Health in The Arts Compendium


Collected Methods     


     Intaglio Manual

     Beginners Compendium

Publications and Resources


     Printmaking Resources

       Instructional Videos      A selection of relevant YouTube videos


     The Green Art School

     The Green Print Studio                                                                                                                                                  

          Print Gallery

     The New Etching Chemistry  

     Perfect Chemistry

     Safe Solvents

     The Toxicity of Solvents

       Art Meets Science

     History of Electro Etching

     A European Perspective

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