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Art Safety,  Basic Principles
and General Topics

the following pages may be of interest   CLICK to view each section

    Safer Substitutes in Art

    Controlling Art Materials in Schools and Colleges

    What Should Not Be Taught

    Respiratory Hazards

    Substitution of Art Hazards

    Substitution: Overview

    Student Supervision After Hours

    Outline of Art Safety A-Z:  Hazards and Precautions

    Reproductive Hazards in the Arts and Crafts

    Art Safety Procedures for Art Schools and Art Departments

    Solvents used in the Arts

    Ventilation of Toxic Substances

    Substitution in K-12 Education

    Checklist for Art School and Departments

    National Health Organizations    (US)

    Occupational Asthma

    Hazardous Reactions in Art