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Offset Printing:   nontoxic and eco-friendly

Polyester Plate Litho


  Kitchen Litho


Litho Toner Wash 


 Waterless Lithography


 Stone Lithography



 Printmaking Revolution

Printmaking Resources

 The Green Art School

 The Green Print Studio         

general topics that might interest:

     Traditional Printmaking Topics  - Health in The Arts Compendium

 Not Dying For Their Art

 Solvent Toxicity:      Health Hazards and Medical Evidence

 Reproduction Risks:
      VOCs, Paints, Thinners, and Pregnancy

 Health & Safety:      Exposing Ourselves to Art and H&S Compendium

 Artmaking & The Law:      A Selection of Essays on Legal Cases             

  Instructional Videos  A selection of YouTube videos