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please contact the studios directly for their current course schedule.



 The Green Print Studio 

  Instructional Videos  A selection of relevant YouTube videos

28th August - 14th September 2012
Creative Printmaking Workshop in Florence
with Annie Day
Come printmaking in Italy 2012. Enjoy 60 hours of studio-based tuition and practice hands-on Waterless Lithography and Aluminium Etching, two safer and environmentally friendly printmaking techniques. Classes held in the inspiring atmosphere of historic Il Bisonte studio. Participants at any level of experience are welcome from beginners to practicing artists


selection of sample events: see below


Waterbased Screenprinting Studio, Royston BC, Vancouver Island
Workshops in 2010
Each year, Squeegeeville Studio presents training courses and workshops to fit the needs of people who want to learn more
about the art, technology, and methods employed using the screenprinting process. Monthly studio course dates for 2010
are posted on the website, plus information and examples about the Traveling Courses, Multi-colour T-shirt Printing,
Specialized Training, and Art Print Experience.

Intro to Screenprinting,  Royston, BC 

Small group courses will be held on the following dates:

April 17 & 18,

May 15 & 16

June 12 & 13

July 24 & 25

August 21 & 22

September 18 & 19



Sept 4, 5 & 6  Flatstock 26 at Bumbershoot, Seattle WA - Live printing demos, Fisher Pavilion

Bumbershoot is the ultimate music and arts festival, and Flatstock 26 will showcase the best artists working in today's rock poster scene. Sponsored by the API and featuring the work of member artists, drop by the Squeegeeville poster printing demos and see how it's done.


October 13, 14, 15  Specialty Graphic Imaging Association Show, Las Vegas, NV


Dates don't work? Contact us regarding alternative dates, we can set up a course to work around your schedule.

Interested in traveling to Vancouver Island and planning your trip around a screenprinting course or working in the studio for a short or long period? CONTACT US NOW and let's talk about making your visit to Vancouver Island and British Columbia a special one. We know the Island and can help you plan your itinerary, accommodation, and spousal activities (if they don't want to screenprint too)!
Cost for Royston courses are $275 per person.
Price includes a light lunch each day, all materials, and the book.
Two or more people booking the same course save $25 each.
Cost DOES NOT INCLUDE travel costs or accommodation.
We require a $50 deposit to hold your space, balance due on arrival.
Note: Cost for remote courses (i.e. Coronado Studio, etc) are set and administered by the host studio.
All dates tentative and subject to cancellation if we don't get enough people to sign up. Remember, if you and your friends want to create your own course, we can set that up - midweek or yearound. just call the number below.


For inquiries and to register contact Andy MacDougall or telephone 250-334-2598.


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Zea Mays Printmaking   

Zea Mays Printmaking offer a wide range of workshops for all levels, taught by experts in the field. Unless otherwise noted, workshops are for all levels. All workshop fees include materials. Lunch is delivered to the studio and we'll usually make a pot of espresso in the afternoons! Scroll down for full descriptions.

  • Intro to Linocut
  • Intro to Intaglio Printmaking
  • Photo-Based Intensive
  • Making Prints into Books
  • Chine Colle
  • Luminosity and Sparkle in Prints
  • Accidents Will Happen: Viscosity Monotype
  • Ghost Lines and Plate Noise: Drawing and Printing
  • Beyond the Beginner: Photo-Based Printmaking

Intro to Linocut
with Neil Brigham
Saturday, September 25, 10-5
$140 non-members                    
$125 members

As in the tradition of woodcut printmaking, we will explore the direct, graphic and fun aspects of relief printmaking using linoleum. The ease of working with linoleum offers opportunities for bold, decorative designs as seen in the linocut prints of artists like Picasso and Matisse. In this workshop, we will start with a simple drawing that will then be transferred onto the linoleum block. Using this line drawing as a guide, students will then prepare the block for printing by carving away areas of linoleum using the cutting tools. Each student will create multiple prints on specialty papers as well as card stock to make his or her own cards.

Workshop Registration Form [PDF]

Intro to Intaglio Printmaking
with Louise Kohrman
Wednesday evenings, 6-9PM
September 22-October 13
$275 non-members
$245 members

Intaglio Printmaking includes the beautiful mediums of etching and drypoint. Learn the non-toxic copper intaglio process in this beginner-level workshop. A variety of specialized techniques including drypoint, hardground and aquatint will be introduced as ways to achieve both line and tone in the intaglio technique. Participants will learn plate preparation techniques; proper inking, wiping and printing skills; and a variety of methods for creating a finished image.

Workshop Registration Form [PDF]

Photo-Based Intensive
with Nancy Diessner
October 9/10, 10-5
$300 non-members
$270 members

Photography and Printmaking are not strangers to each other, and in fact can work together beautifully in several different processes. This workshop will introduce you to the magic of two distinct photo-based printmaking techniques: Pronto Plates and Photopolymer Intaglio, using a photo-sensitive polymer plate. These two processes are much safer than traditional photo-etching, which relies on several hazardous chemicals.

We'll begin with Pronto Plates, appreciating the simplicity, immediacy and relative unpredictability of the process. At the end of the first day and into the second day we'll turn to Photopolymer Intaglio, a process that has the greatest potential to approximate the tonal richness of a photograph. At the end of the second day, we'll see what can happen when we combine these two very different photo-based processes in a single print.

Workshop Registration Form [PDF]

Making Prints Into Books
with Joyce Silverstone and
Meredith Broberg
Wednesday evenings, 6-9 PM
October 20 - November 17
$325 non-members
$290 members

Books can be very satisfying to make and very engaging to view.  Here's a chance to learn three book forms that are particularly enjoyable; each one is simple enough to learn in an evening, and versatile enough to offer many possibilities for variations. We'll start the series with two evenings of printing with Joyce, who will introduce viscosity monotype and transfer drawing.  These methods are spontaneous ways of creating richly colorful prints that will be designed to fit and flow into the book structures.
We'll transform these prints into book pages in the last three evenings with Meredith.  We'll learn how to make a drum leaf book, a case binding (with a hard cover) and several folded structures, including Hedi Kyle's panel book.  The technical aspects will be supplemented with short exercises to help you develop your content.  No experience necessary, just curiosity!

Workshop Registration Form [PDF]

Chine Colle
with Louise Kohrman
Saturday, October 23, 10-5    
$140 non-members           
$125 members

Chine colle is a process whereby a thinner sheet of paper is adhered to a backing sheet during the printing process. Gain insight into this process through demonstrations and individual work with the instructor. We will learn how to cook and prepare the wheat paste adhesive, various application methods, pre-application methods, proper dampening and misting techniques, plate and press preparation, and corrections after printing. We will also discuss and experiment with the different types of papers used in the process. Some printing experience is recommended for participants, who are all asked to bring at least one pre-worked plate to class.

Workshop Registration Form [PDF]

Luminosity and Sparkle in Prints
with Louise Kohrman
Sunday, October 24, 10-5
$140 non-members           
$125 members

Metallic inks, shimmery papers, radiant surfaces! Have you wanted to introduce metallic inks and luminous papers in your work? We'll provide the supplies and technical know-how! Just bring your ideas and plates and come for a day of experimentation. Open to all levels.

Workshop Registration Form [PDF]

Accidents Will Happen: Viscosity Monotype
with Joyce Silverstone
Saturday, October 30, 10-5
$140 non-members           
$125 members

Viscosity monotype with water-based inks involves a loose, painterly, and often, thrilling exploration playing the edge between accident and control.  Create subtle, spontaneous, one-of-a kind prints on delicate papers, using modified inks. Thick and thin inks resist each other in ways that allow for beautiful color interactions in delightfully unpredictable ways.  Learn some of the tricks to making this fun way of exploring color work for you, as you add to your printing vocabulary. 

Workshop Registration Form [PDF]

Ghost Lines and Plate Noise: Drawing and Printing
with Joyce Silverstone
Sunday, October 31, 10-5
$140 non-members           
$125 members

Discover or reconsider and renew your personal connection to drawing. We'll explore a variety of monotype methods of immediate mark-making. On and off the press, we will use Akua Kolor drawing tools, (the coolest squeeze bottles and drawing needles ever!) and transfer drawing techniques to create multi-layered prints.  Students will quickly generate a series of monotypes that explore the touch of responding to forms found in nature and the language of marks particular to printmaking. Instruction will cover modifying inks to enable you to create satisfyingly dark, crisp lines, simple and easy registration methods, and guided practice experiences in drawing to expand your expressive possibilities. 

Workshop Registration Form [PDF]

Beyond the Beginner: Photo-Based Printmaking
with Nancy Diessner
Saturday/Sunday, December 11/12, 10-5
$300 non-members           
$270 members

This workshop will focus on taking your introduction to photopolymer intaglio to the next level. We'll work on refining your process to improve your resulting images; we'll expand your approach to these plates by integrating drawing tools and surface manipulation; and we'll be layering plates by adding other photo-based and/or monotype processes. Whether you just learned how to process photopolymer plates and are eager to know more, or had your introduction several years ago and didn't know where to go from there, this workshop is for you. Emphasis will be placed on individual attention. If you have not been introduced to photopolymer intaglio technique, but are interested in participating in this workshop, consider an Individualized Teaching session to prepare you.

Workshop Registration Form [PDF]


If a workshop is cancelled because of low enrollment, your registration will be fully refunded.
If you cancel your registration at least two weeks prior to the workshop, you will receive a refund for the total fee minus 10%.
Cancellations within two weeks of the workshop will result in a refund only if someone is found to fill your space.


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New Grounds Print Workshop  

Director: Regina Held, 3812 Central Avenue SE 100B, Albuquerque, NM 87108,                                                                                     Telephone 505-268-8952  Email:

  • Introduction to Monotype
  • Monotype Madness
  • Non-toxic Photogravure/Solarplate-Etching
  • Collagraph
  • Introduction to Non-Toxic Etching

Registration: Payment must be made at the time of registration. No refunds will be given if a cancellation occurs less than 96 hours before the class. All major credit cards accepted. Max 8 students per class.

Introduction to Monotype


This liberating medium combines painting and printmaking techniques. In this four day class, students will be introduced to a variety of techniques from basic to experimental, and work with high-quality water-based Akua-Kolor monotype inks.


Class dates: Saturdays and Sundays Sept. 11, 12, 18, 19

Class time: 9 AM  -  5 PM, includes lunch break

Class fee: $ 275.00 + tax,  includes all printing materials.

Paper needs to be purchased separately.

Instructor: Mary Sundstrom, MFA

Leonora Durrett

Lasting Impression


 24 x 18"

Monotype Madness

3 Presses!

2 Hours!     

Dozens of bottles of ink!

Mounds of brushes, brayers, stamps, stencils, paper, widgets and wing dings!

Infinite Possibilities!!


Date:  Saturday, November 20th

Time Slots:10:00-noon, 1:00-3:00 or 3:30-5:30

Fee: $ 40.00 + tax per session, includes some paper


Our trained printers stand ready to assist as you become a prolific producer of prints during this special event. You will use a printing press to transfer painted, stamped, stenciled or drawn designs from plate to paper and create as many unique images as possible. Open to all!

Non-toxic Photogravure/Solarplate-Etching

This four day workshop provides an exciting opportunity to create beautiful limited edition prints using two distinctly different methods. The first results in rich and detailed photographic images, the second is a great alternative to lithography for artists who love to draw! 

Class dates:  Saturdays & Sundays, Oct. 9, 10, 16 and 17

Class times: 9 AM  -  5 PM, includes lunch break

Class fee: $ 275 + tax, includes two small plates, and all printing materials. Additional plates are available.

Instructor:  Diane Alire, MFA


Diane Alire

Parisian Beachwear

Two Plate Gravure

6.5 x 10"


Translated literally as "collage prints," this medium is for artists who thrive on textures and tactile art-making. Students will use this two day class to construct several different plates and learn a variety of printmaking techniques.

Class dates:  Sunday and Sunday, Oct. 23 and 24

Class times: 9 AM  -  5 PM, includes lunch break

Class fee: $ 200 + tax, includes most printing materials

Instructor: TBA

Vicki Bolen

What the Buddha Sees

18 x 10"

Hand-stitched Monotype and Collagraph

Introduction to Non-toxic Etching  

In this intensive four day class, students will become acquainted with the beautiful art of copper etching which inspired artists such as Rembrandt and Goya. We will be working exclusively with new and safe materials.  Artists will be introduced to a variety of techniques from the beginning to advanced level. For the final project, each student will create an edition which will result in an exchange portfolio.  


Class dates:  Sundays, Nov. 7, 14, 21 and 28

Class times: 9 AM  -  5 PM, includes lunch break

Class fee: $ 275 + tax, includes one 6 x 4.5" copper plate,

1 sheet of paper, 2 etching tools, and printing materials.

Instructor:  Ray Maseman, BFA

Ray Maseman


8.5 x 5.25"

Multiple Plate Etching

For more information go to

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KALA Art Institute   
Workshops in 2010

2990 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94702
t  (510) 841-7000  (510) 841-7000
Each year Kala offers the community close to one hundred classes in a wide range of techniques, utilizing the exceptional equipment available in our printmaking studio and electronic media center. We offer many low/ non-toxic printmaking classes and strive to be as "green" as possible. The small, hands-on classes foster creative exchange with instructors and fellow students. See the website for the full program of classes.
  • MOKUHANGA: Japanese Woodblock



Heather Wilcoxon

Class #87 September 18-19: Saturday - Sunday 10am - 4pm
Tuition $192 Materials $30 Total Cost $222

Students will learn litho-transfers in black with viscosity color print layover. This is a two-step process: litho transfer print using gum arabic, and a glaze color over the litho print. This process adds new life to your images. Demonstrations in these techniques will be followed by personal instruction. Open to all experience levels.

Heather Wilcoxon has been practicing the art of painting for over 20 years. Her work has been featured in solo exhibitions in New York, Houston, Denver and San Francisco. She has won numerous awards: two Pollock-Krasner Foundation grants in painting, three Buck Foundation Marin Arts Council grants also in painting, and a Djerassi Artist in Residence Program Fellowship. She is currently represented by Brenda Taylor Gallery in New York, Thomas Paul Fine Art in Los Angeles and Jack Fisher in San Francisco.





Jon Zax

Class #88: June 26-27: September 18, 25: Saturdays 10am-4pm
Tuition $192 Materials depends upon amount printed Total Cost $192+

A wonderful opportunity to work independently on personal projects using Kala's various scanners, including the Imacon film scanner, and our wide format digital printers ranging from 24 to 54" wide, with supervision from a digital print master. Prerequisite is Large Scale Digital Printing or similar experience. Enrollment is limited to 5 students.

Jon Zax owns and operates Lotuscolor, one of the Bay Area's premier digital imaging studios. An early advocate of digital imaging, he has taught Photoshop since 1990, privately and at various institutions, including the Academy of Art University, SF State, and the Center for Electronic Arts. He is also an award-winning photographer and digital artist. He brings a lifetime of experience to the classroom, as well as a teaching style that includes humor and a lot of enthusiasm.




MOKUHANGA: Japanese Woodblock

Tomoko Murakami

Class #93: September 25, October 2, 9: Saturdays 10am - 4pm
Total Cost $299

For artists in home studios without a press, this beautiful, low-tech process may be the perfect solution.  This workshop introduces a traditional Japanese woodblock printing process, Ukiyo-E technique.  Participants learn to carve the woodblock, use Japanese carving tools, and print with water-based ink on Japanese paper. Participants will cut their own woodblocks and create a small edition of multicolor prints. All levels are welcome.

Tomoko Murakami is a multi disciplinary artist who explores the medium of printmaking as a multi-dimensional art form, bringing attention to new possibilities in the mixed media art world). She received her MFA in printmaking from San Francisco Art Institute and MA in Transformative Arts from John F. Kennedy University. She is a recipient of the 1992 Kala Art Institute Fellowship and 2008 Susan Boulet Award. Her work has been presented by Gloria Delson Fine Arts in Los Angeles, Gallery on the Rim in San Francisco, Tomura Gallery in Tokyo, Richmond Art Center, and Sebastopol Center for the Arts. Currently, she teaches at CCA, and NIAD Art Center.




Jenny Robinson

Class #111: November 20-21: Saturday - Sunday 10am - 5pm
Tuition $224 Materials $55 Total Cost $279

Trace Monotype focuses on the beauty of the drawn line combined with the spontaneity and painterly approach of the multiple drop monotype. Prints will be made on Japanese paper and chine colle'd onto BFK Rives to produce the finished print.

This workshop is suitable for all artists as well as seasoned Printmakers. Chine colle can be incorporated onto many work surfaces, including canvas, mixed media works on paper, sculpture, collage etc. No printmaking experience necessary. Enrollment is limited to 8 participants.

Jenny Robinson received her BA in printmaking in the UK. A full time painter/printmaker, Robinson moved to San Francisco from England in 2000. Her work in monoprint and monotype examines the effects of light and shadow on buildings and architectural details taken from urban environments such as London, New York and San Francisco. She regularly exhibits in London and California.




Robin McCloskey

Class #115 December 4, 11: Saturdays 10am - 4pm
Tuition $192  Materials $57  Total Cost $249

Photo-etching isn't just for photographers! Photo polymer plates are easy to process and present a great option for turning a hand drawn mark into an intaglio print. Why would you want to try this process? Plates are capable of reproducing marks that can't be created with traditional etching means. Small drawings can be enlarged, large drawings reduced in scale. Monotype marks can be editioned by creating a positive drawing on mylar and exposing to a photo-etching plate. We will do lots of experimentation, and you will have etching plates that print beautifully without the need of acids or grounds. Enrollment is limited to 8 participants.

Robin McCloskey received her MFA in printmaking from Pennsylvania State University. A former Kala Fellow, Robin was awarded the Peninsula Arts Grant for her project Sequoia Sempervirenns. Twice nominated for the SECA award, her work won the Gold Prize in Printmaking in the 8th International Print and Drawing Biennial in Taipei, Taiwan. She has given workshops throughout the US, most recently at the Frontiers in Printmaking conference at Illinois State University. She currently teaches at Dominican University in San Rafael.


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SEV SHOON Arts Center   
Workshops in 2010

2862 NW Market Street
Seattle, WA 98107
t  206-782-2415
Sev Shoon Arts Center began in 1991, in response to the art community's need for a printmaking studio in Seattle. It is owned and operated by Dionne Haroutunian who came to Seattle from Switzerland in 1985. Inspired by the books she had read about the Impressionists and the Dadaists, Dionne had dreams of a community of artists who would meet in little cafes and reinvent the world! Sev Shoon is as close as she could get to that! Drawing on her Armenian heritage, Dionne named the center "Sev Shoon" which translates as "Black Dog" the nickname of one of her favorite "adopted" uncles; she figured it would be good luck, and it has been.



2010 Fall Class Schedule

Please register by phone, email, and mail. The information we need is listed on the registration form. Please see additional details below.

Teachers' Page, for more information on our excellent teachers!


Starting in SEPTEMBER 2010

Instructor: Elizabeth McDonald

$220 + $15 supply fee- both fees due with registration
($245 + $15 supply fee after Monday, Sept. 20th, 5pm)

$30 optional screen rental ($20 refund upon return of screen in same condition as received)

Dates: Mondays, September 27th, October 4th, 11th, and 18th
Times: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

This class introduces students to the techniques and possibilities in the world of screen-printing.  We will explore a variety of approaches from monotype and photographic stencils to more painterly methods.  You can also look forward to learning multiple layer registration, ink mixing and blending techniques.

No experience necessary

Please email us or call 206-782-2415




Instructor: Betsy Barnum

$220 + $10 supply fee- both fees due with registration
($245 + $10 supply fee after Tuesday, Sept. 21st, 5 pm)

Dates: Tuesdays, September 28th, October 5th, 12th, and 19th
Times: 6:00pm - 10:00 pm

Etching is one of the most versatile and forgiving printmaking processes. It can be used in combination with painting, collage, and other printing techniques. In this class you will learn the basics of the many etching techniques, and experiment using your current imagery and ideas.

Come away with a finished printed edition!

No experience necessary. Great refresher course!

Please email us or call 206-782-2415


Traditional Japanese Water-Based Woodcuts
Instructor: Francesca Lohmann

$235+ $10 supply fee- both fees due with registration
($260+ $10 after Thursday, Sept. 23rd, 5pm)

Dates: Thursdays, September 30th, October 7th, 14th and 21st
Times: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

ORIENTATION: Thursday, Sept. 23rd, from 6-7pm

Moku Hanga is the manner of woodblock printing traditionally used in Japan. It is entirely water based and non-toxic, does not require a printing press and is an ideal medium for printmaking at home with limited resources.

This class will cover basic carving techniques, printing and registration for multiple color projects.

No experience needed.

Please email us or call 206-782-2415


Starting in OCTOBER 2010

Instructor: Kelda Martensen

$330+ $10 supply fee - both fees due with registration
($355+ $10 after Wednesday, Sept. 29th, 5pm)

Dates: Wednesdays, October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, November 3rd, and 10th Times: 6pm-10pm

This six-session class will allow ample time to try a variety of printmaking techniques such as monotype, linoleum carving and etching. It will cover both the basics of printmaking (paper and plate preparation, registration, and press handling), as well as the basics of each technique.

No experience needed.

Great introduction for artists needing to find what printmaking technique suits them best.

Please email us or call 206-782-2415



Instructor: Barbara Bruch

$145 + $10 supply fee - both fees due with registration
($170 + $10 supply fee after Friday, Oct. 8th, 5pm)

Dates: Sundays, Oct.17th and 24th
Times: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Instructed by Barbara Bruch, a long-time student of the late Glen Alps, developer of the Collagraph, this class you will make several collagraphs from a collage of items. This is the perfect medium for exploring various materials, textures and shapes, dark and light values. The resulting prints are highly embossed while using very low-toxic supplies.

Making collagraphs is easy and rewarding.

No experience needed, new and interesting ideas for returning students.

Please email us or call 206-782-2415



Instructor: Theresa Neinas

$220 + $10 supply fee - both fees due with registration
($245 + $10 supply fee after Tuesdays, Oct. 19th, 5pm)

Dates: Tuesdays, October 26th, November 2nd, 9th and 16th
Times: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Learn to use linoleum cutting tools and barens safely and get the results you want. You will get an overview of block printing that touches on composition, technique, and individual style as well as the basics of rolling and hand printing. 

This class' emphasis will be on adapting this process to a home environment.

No experience needed.

Please email us or call 206-782-2415


Starting in NOVEMBER 2010

Instructor: Kappy Trigg

$145+ $10 supply fee - both fees due with registration
($170+ $10 after Monday, Oct. 25th, 5pm)

Date: Mondays, November 1st, 8th, and 15th
Times: 6:30pm - 10:00 pm

Starting with black & white and simple additive / subtractive techniques, this class will focus on color mixing, stenciling, trace monotype, collage and layering techniques. Use of acrylic plates, inks, some tools and brushes included.

Beginner and intermediate students welcome.
Individual attention for all levels of knowledge of monotype.

Please email us or call 206-782-2415




Register by phone (206-782-2415) with a VISA or M/C card, or by mailing a check and registration form to: Sev Shoon Arts Center, 2862 NW Market Street, Seattle, WA 98107. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SUPPLIES FEES IN PAYMENT!

Discounts: (*ONE only please) A) Register for multiple classes: each additional class is discounted $25 B) Have a friend register with you (at full price) and you save $25.

Registration Date: To benefit from the discounted rate, we must receive your registration a week prior to class start. Registration with in a week of class start date will incur an additional $25 fee (as noted above). If the class is on a weekend, the cut-off date is the Friday a week before your class.

Cancellation Policy: Due to limited class size and our desire to optimize your time with your instructor: No portion of class fee will be refunded or applied to another class if cancellation occurs less than two weeks before class starts. If a cancellation occurs two weeks or more before class starts, a $30 registration fee will be charged.

Friday evenings, Free studio access: Students enrolled in classes during the current quarter get additional studio access on Fridays, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm, starting Friday, October 1st through Friday, November 19h . Friday evening studio access does not apply to one and two day workshops. All of the students personal materials must be removed no later than Friday, 10:00 pm, Nov. 19th. Sev Shoon Arts Center is not responsible for materials left on the premises.


2862 NW Market Street Seattle, WA 98107
 (206) 782-2415  (206) 782-2415

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Workshops in 2010
Making Art Safely Artist's Workshops

Studio Location
7506 A Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
              (505)780-0920         (505)780-0920

Registering for workshops

Best way to register is use the online Quick Register link at the workshop page for which you are registering, or directly from an email that includes Quick Register.  This process once complete holds your spot immediately, even if you selected pay by check.  However, it does not hold your spot if you do not complete the payment section.  Before you register, please visit your specific workshop's page to review information including all costs.  Quick Register does not provide a place for me to give those details.

Anyone can reserve space by mail in most workshop with a $100.00 deposit for each workshop sent to:


7506 A Old Santa Fe Trail

Santa Fe, NM 87505-9358

Registering this way, not using Quick Registration does not assure you a space in the class as spaces are generally filled on a first come basis. Please feel free to communicate by email or phone with me when you make your decision to register by mail.  If you are a returning student I will often pencil you in on your word.  Certain workshops have different deposit requirements, see your workshop's description page to confirm deposit amount.

TRIPS! Southwest Canyons & More:
Photo, draw, inspire

October, 2010

Don Messec: Polymergravure +

TRIPS!, hiking and seeing, click here for dates,

destinations, and pricing.

2011 Summer schedule - still finalizing

January 2011

Judy Just: Akua Intensive

May, 2011

Judy Just: Akua Intensive

Anita Jung/Jeff Sipple: 6 days of Lithography

June, 2011

Anita Jung/Jeff Sipple: 6 days of Lithography

Neal Smith: Large Format ImagOn

Mitch Lyons: Clay Monotypes

Keith Howard: Imagon HD

Bernice Cross-Howard: 4-Color Inversion Intagliotype                                        

Lennox Dunbar: Mixed Media Collograph                 

July, 2011

Dan Welden: Solarplate

Tim High: Serendipitous Serigraphics                       

Catherine Kernan: Generative Akua Monotype

Catherine Kernan: Master Session

Catherine Kernan: Master Session

August, 2011

Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island Canada: Solarplate

October, 2011

TRIPS!, hiking and seeing when the light is perfect, click here.



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Henrik Boegh International Workshops - Non-Toxic Intaglio

October 16th - October 24th 2010
7 working days from 9 am - 5 pm = 60 hours

The printmaking course is held in the lovely little Andalucian mountain town of Capileira, in the Sierra Nevada mountains, 1,600 metres above sea level. The ancient Moorish town with its white houses, flat roofs and cairn-like chimneys is a true architectural gem. Buildings, aqueducts etc. are all included by preservation orders, and the Sierra Nevada mountains themselves are designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty.  Just below Capileira, the cold, clear melt water from the perpetual snows of the Sierra Nevada (literally: the snowy mountain range) forms the rushing streams of the Rio Poqueira, tempting the passer-by to enjoy a refreshing dip in the hot hours of the afternoon.

In these surroundings, the printmaker Henrik Boegh and the painter Aase Hoejer have created studios in a 500-year-old Moorish house with adjoining orchard in the deepest respect of the original architecture. For the past 20 years, the studios and workshops have provided the setting for summer courses in painting, photography - and now, also printmaking.
The softly sculpted mountains are intersected by deep, dramatic gorges and melt water streams, providing a breathtaking abundance of artistic subjects, the like of which is found in few other places in Europe. We work every day from 9 am to 5 pm in the printmaking studio.All over the house and garden you have free access to our wireless network.

You will be staying in the small hotel in Capileira with access to the swimming-pool.

Henrik Boegh
Participants: Maximum 8
Daily 9am -17pm
Language spoken: English, Spanish, German, Danish according to the wishes of the participants


This seven working-days course teaches all techniques with the non-toxic acrylic etching system as well as all techniques with photopolymer film., combinations with monotype, carborumdum etc.

The non-toxic acrylic etching system includes:
Liquid Hard Ground, Roll-on Hard Ground, Roll-on Soft Ground, Spray-on Aquatint, Lift Ground and Direct Washings

The photopolymer techniques include:
Washing techniques, different uses of photocopies for etchings, digitally generated stencils, photopolymer gravure with one or  two layers of photopolymer film, and genuine photogravure (etched with photopolymer film used as resist).

Finally you learn to generate "the perfect positive" digitally in Photoshop for etched- and non-etched copper plates.

Furthermore, we will work with other and more advanced techniques such as combinations of photopolymer gravure and acrylic etching grounds (aquatint, hard ground, etc.), waterbased mono types etc.

During the workshop the participants will become completely familiarised with the different techniques and hence be able to make in-depth experiments with personal favourites.


Materials are included. We  recommend that you bring your personal working tools and eventually digital camera, CD's, Labtop ect.


Capileira is situated in Las Alpujarras (Sierra Nevada) between Granada and the Costa del Sol. It is a one-hour drive by car from Granada, and 2.5 hours from Malaga.
If you arrive in Malaga by plane, there is a bus to Granada every hour on the hour. The bus trip takes two hours.

To/from Granada-Capileira, there are 3 busses a day: from Granada 10am, 12noon and 5pm - from Capileira: 06.35 am, 16.45 pm and 18.15 pm. (Sharing a taxi with a couple of others is a possibility.)


The fee is : EURO 800,- including course instruction, breakfast, lunch, hotel and materials.
Double rooms are standard.
For single rooms, EURO 115,-  extra.


Course participants are accommodated in the "viviendas" (apartments) of the Poqueira Hotel (from the Saturday before the course begins and until the Sunday after it ends).

Each vivienda consists of three double rooms, a large common living-room, kitchen, bath, washing machine, two toilets and a terrace overlooking the Sierra Nevada or the Poqueira valley.

For single rooms, EURO 115,- extra.


Fill in and send enrolment form (click)
You will then be informed whether there are vacancies, and if there are, you will be asked to pay a deposit of EURO 200,-
The remainder of the fee is to be paid no later than at the start of the workshop.


Trepkasgade 8,
DK-2100 Copenhagen (Denmark)
Phone: 23 32 07 51






















For more information visit:


Steve Walters' Screwball Press   


Since 1991, Steve Walters (under the moniker Screwball Press) has been printing posters, CD packaging, and a variety of other collectible items for Chicago's indie rock community. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to train and/or work with some of his favorite local artists including Bob Hartzell, Kristen Thiele, Jay Ryan, Mike Benedetto, Keith Herzik, and Jason Frederick. Around 2000, Steve looked back on ten years of work and realized that working with these people was the single most satisfying aspect of Screwball Press. So he began to implement the Screwball Academy based on the extension of the Minutemen's "band in every garage" credo. Steve wanted to see a printer in every band. 

At present, Steve has taught 36 people over the past 18 months, most of whom still use the facilities to print personal projects as well as a few who run their own printing businesses.


Screenprinting is a physical, hands-on process and so is the course. Students come in with a piece (or 2) of black and white line art and leave with up to 50 3-color, 11"x17" prints that they produced themselves. This can be done in a single 6-8 hour session or can be broken up into two shorter sessions. After that, you are free to come back whenever you want to use the facilities.

To schedule a class, email Steve at




Renaissance Press   

Workshop Information

Renaissance Press offers hands-on workshops that will be instructed by Paul Taylor, Master Photogravure Plate Maker / Printer and Director of Reniassance Press.  Paul's work with early photographic process spans over thirty years of intensive work and study.  Renaissance Press Prints are collected by Museums Internationally.  Artists Published by Renaissance Press or have had their work printed at Renaissance Press include:  Duane Michals, Robert Mapplethorpe, Joel Peter Witkin, Linda Connor, Sally Mann, Robert Adams, Aaron Siskind, Roy DeCarava, Tom Baril and many others.

The workshops will take place at Renaissance Press in Ashuelot, New Hampshire. Participants should expect intensive days in a relaxed environment. Renaissance Press is located on the bank of the Ashuelot River and is 25 minutes drive to Keene New Hampshire or Brattleboro Vermont.

Discussing Film
Contact: Paul Taylor at for more information and/or to enroll.



Kunstdruck Printmaking Studio   

Kunstdruck offer a range of intaglio courses, so whatever your level of experience, you'll find one suitable for you. The well-equipped studio workshop, located in a rural area only 20 miles from Vienna can also be hired by individuals and small groups for exclusive use.

NEW! Dekkle Intaglio Workshops in Austria are especially designed for those of you planning a holiday to Austria. Starting in May 2010, we're running 4-day intensive intaglio workshops to be jointly tutored with David Borrington MA RCA from Dekkle Printmaking Studios. The workshops take place over an 8 day period, allowing participants plenty of time for sightseeing.
More info

For more information on any of our courses, check out the links or simply contact us.

2-hour Etching Demonstrations unravel the mystery surrounding this ancient art form. In just a few hours, you'll gain an overview of the process using copper sulphate, a relatively safe etchant with zinc plates. Many of the key stages of the process including printing on the press will be demonstrated. More info

2-day Beginner's Courses in Etching take place over a weekend, where beginners will have the chance to learn the theory and gain practical experience in a supportive environment. This hands-on course covers the main processes from plate preparation through to printing on the press. The experience gained will help participants get the most out of the more advanced courses. More info

5-day Intensive Courses in Etching are best suited to those with some experience of etching - or who are quick to learn. The various stages of etching are fully covered, with plenty of opportunity to create and experiment using this fascinating medium. More info

Tailor-made Etching Courses are for those who prefer working a one-to-one basis or have a group of interested friends who want an etching course specifically designed for them. Contact us to discuss your particular wishes. More info

Workshop Hire offers experienced artists exclusive use of the facilities to print off their own editions or the opportunity to simply explore the medium. For those who prefer it, supervision and assistance can be provided. More info

For further information and enquiries:
Tel: +43 (0) 2274 301 26



Hampton Editions Ltd   
Dan Welden's Solarplate Workshops in 2010

June 14-18
Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown/Cape Cod, MA
Contact Dorothy  508-487-9960  508-487-9960, ext. 102,
June 21-24
Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, Truro/Cape Cod, MA
Contact Cherie Mittenthall  508-349-7511  508-349-7511,

5-9 July
Making Art Safely, Santa Fe, NM
Contact Don Messec, or  505.780.0920  505.780.0920

July 21-23
South Shore Art Center, Cohasset, MA
Contact Sarah Hannan

24-27 July
Allen Hill Press, South Royalton, VT
Contact Jeanne Amato, or  802-299-6444  802-299-6444


Coming Up in 2011

Jan. 2-8
Mazalatan, Mexico
Contact Kerry Vander Meer


For further information contact:
Dan Welden

PO. Box 520 Sag Harbor, New York 11963

tel:  631-725-3990  fax: 631-771-3100
web address:


Non-Toxic Workshops in 2010, Spain

The Second International Workshop of Visual Arts, Printmaking and Paper. PMP GRAFIX

In this second edition, the Center PMP GRAFIX is offering three intensive workshops.



Taught by EMILIO SDUN.

From 2 - 6 August 2010. 40 hours




Taught by PACO MORA.

From 9 - 13 of August 2010. 40 hours





From 16 - 20 August 2010. 40 hours



Workshop times: mornings from 10AM to 2PM. and afternoons from 5PM to 9PM.



For more details about our courses, please contact:PMP GRAFIX, Asociacion Cultural, Centro Castellano Manchego del Papel y las Artes del Libro.

Postal address: Apartado de Correos 585 / CP 02080, ALBACETE - ESPANA.

By Internet: e-mail:  WEB

By Telephone: + 34 - 670 52 78 79 + 34 - 670 52 78 79

PMP GRAFIX is located in: Poligono Industrial Romica. Calle 4, Parcela 117, Nave G. Albacete. SPAIN

Se adjunta información sobre los

PMP GRAFIX II Talleres Internacionales de Artes Visuales, Gráfica y Papel. 2010.


1º Taller: LIBRO DE ARTISTA A TRAVÉS DE LA TIPOGRAFIA EXPERIMENTAL. Por Emilio Sdun. 40 horas. Del 2 al 6 de Agosto. 450 €

2º Taller: GRABADO CALCOGRÁFICO NO TÓXICO: MORDIENTES SALINOS Y BARNICES ACRÍLICOS. Por Paco Mora. 40 horas. Del 9 al 13 de Agosto. 450 €

3º Taller: GRABADO ELECTROLITICO NO TÓXICO. Por Alfonso Crujera. 40 horas. Del 16 al 20 de Agosto. 450 €


- PLAZO DE INSCRIPCIÓN: finalizará el 15 de Junio.

- MATERIALES: Van incluidos en el precio del Taller.

Tendrán un descuento del 10% sobre el precio total de cada curso
- Los antiguos alumnos del PMP GRAFIX.
- Aquellos alumnos que se matriculen en varios cursos.
- Aquellos que se matriculen antes del día 1 de Mayo de 2010.
- Aquellos grupos de alumnos que se matriculen en un mismo curso.
- Socios de las asociaciones de artistas visuales, federadas en la Unión de Asociaciones de artistas visuales (UAAV) de España , y los socios de The International Association of Art (IAA) Europe UNESCO

PMP GRAFIX Asociación Cultural,
Centro Castellano Manchego del Papel y las Artes del Libro.
Apdo. correos 585 – 02080 ALBACETE

Calle 4, Parcela 117, Nave G. Polígono Industrial ROMICA.
TLF: 670 52 78 79
CIF G 02489276
Nº REGISTRO de Asociaciones en Castilla Mancha 22725


Para recibir la INFORMACIÓN COMPLETA o cualquier aclaración sobre nuestros cursos, diríjanse a PACO MORA, Director. Por TLF 670 52 78 79 o por email:

Y en la web

Saludos Paco Mora, Director de los PMP GRAFIX II Talleres Internacionales de Artes Visuales, Gráfica y Papel. 2010.



Gowanus Studio Space   


Day Rentals NOW Available

Have a project you need to finish fast?  Need space?  Need printmaking or woodworking facilities in a pinch?

Use of our printmaking and woodworking facilities is just $45/day!


Email us at for more information.


WARRINGAH Printmakers Studio   

48/343 Condamine Street
Manly Vale, NSW, Australia

2010 Term Dates

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3 Term 4
30 Jan. to 31 March 27 April to 26 June 19 July to 18 Sept. 11 Oct. to 11 Dec.
  • Warringah Printmakers Studio requires that all students be at least Associate Members. For a membership form & information go to the membership page.
  • All classes are run by independent teachers who are not employed by the Warringah Printmakers Studio but who work within the Studio's guidelines.
  • A booking must be made with the teacher prior to the commencement of the class. Classes may go ahead only if there are sufficient numbers.
  • All class fees listed are inclusive of some basic materials suitable for beginners.
  • Most classes are 3 hours per week for 9 weeks.


monday - term 2 monday classes will start 19/4/10 because of anzac day

intaglio & relief printmaking with rebecca baird

Morning Class: 9.30am to 12.30pm
Afternoon Class: 1pm to 4pm
Course Fee: $210.00 Casual Class: $35.00
Bookings: Please send an email to
Course Outline: Traditional & contemporary printmaking using intaglio & relief techniques. The course will cover woodblock, lino block, drypoint, etching using aluminium, copper & zinc plates & photopolymer/solarplate.
Please make cheque or money order for class fees payable to Rebecca Baird.



intaglio & relief printmaking with jan melville

mona lisa's dress.jpg
'Dress for Mona' Mixed Media

Morning Class: 9.30am to 12.30pm
Class Maximum: 10 students
Course Fee: $200.00 Casual Class: $28.00
Bookings: Please send an email to
Course Outline: Photopolymer/solarplate, drypoint, aluminium etchings, collagraphs & relief prints hand printed onto Japanese papers with baren. Students will be encouraged to experiment with other media & to learn new techniques offered by the studio.
Please make cheque or money order for class fees payable to Jan Melville.

intaglio & relief printmaking with tim witney

Evening Class: 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Course Fee: $195.00 Casual Class: $27.00
Bookings: Please send an email to
Course Outline: Intaglio & relief printmaking techniques - drypoint, etching using aluminium, copper, zinc plates & photopolymer.
Please make cheque or money order for class fees payable to Tim Witney.



intaglio & relief printmaking with susan baran

henna hand.jpg
'Henna Hand' Photopolymer

Morning Class: 9.30am to 12.30pm
Afternoon Class: 1pm to 4pm
Class Maximum: 9 students
Course Fee: $200.00 Concession: $185.00
Casual Class: $28.00
Bookings: Please send an email to
Course Outline: Both classes encourage creative freedom to explore the different printmaking media at the individual's own pace and caters to all levels, from the more experienced students wanting to further skills to the beginners who are most welcome.
Please make cheque or money order for class fees payable to Susan Baran.



intaglio & relief printmaking with rosanna jurisevic

Held every second Saturday 10am to 4pm. Check with Rosanna for the schedule of dates.

Class Maximum: 8 students
Course Fee: $220.00 Casual Class: $40.00 (casual attendance by prior arrangement).
Bookings: Please send an email to
Course Outline: The course will cover the foundation skills applied in printmaking through a range of methods & techniques. Exploring safer printmaking practices while preparing intaglio & relief plates ready for fine art printing. Techniques will include etching, woodcut, linocut & collagraph. For beginning & experienced artists.
Please make cheque or money order for class fees payable to Rosanna Jurisevic.

Studio Access

Full members with a good knowledge of printmaking techniques, the competence to work by themselves and a proven familiarity with the printmaking equipment & studio safety procedures, are eligible to access the Studio facilities. An orientation session is required for all members before they are eligible for access as well as two or three sessions of working with an experienced Studio member. A Studio Orientation to assess readiness for access is free. Please contact to organise an orientation.

  • All studio users are required to abide by the guidelines of use as set by the Management Committee. Please read the Studio access policy & guidelines for users (available upon request) or contact the Studio for further information.
  • Access is available at times when the Studio is not used for classes including weekends & term breaks.
  • Bookings for access are essential & must be made with the Studio's Booking Coordinator. Phone the Studio for contact details.
  • The access fee includes use of the presses, etchants, aquatints, grounds, oil for clean-up, solvents & rollers. The fee does not include papers, inks & other consumables (rags, tissue etc.) which are to be supplied by the member accessing the Studio.
Casual Rate
$5.00 per person per hour.

Commercial Rate
Members editioning for other artists must pay the commercial rate of $6.50 per hour.

Exclusive Rate
Full members may also book use of the Studio exclusively for editioning purposes at the rate of $90 per person per day.
Pre Paid Rate - conditions apply
Discounts are available if access time is paid for in advance for a regular time slot each week. Users must be prepared to let Studio events & exhibitions take precedence & will not necessarily use the maximum hours allowed. There is no refund or compensation for hours not used.

Quarterly - $180.00
(maximum usage of 60 hours only over 13 weeks)
Half Yearly - $300.00
(maximum usage of 120 hours only over 26 weeks)
Yearly - $540.00
(maximum usage of 240 hours only over 52 weeks)


martin king: etching on copper plate with ferric chloride

Etching on copper plate with ferric chloride is another low toxic, safer way to make prints. Copper is known to produce crisp lines, fine detail and is perfect for colour inking. Learn this technique from artist and senior printer at Australian Print Workshop, Martin King. Martin's etchings (copper plate) are well known and held in many important collections throughout Australia and internationally. He recently won the Broken Hill Art Prize. Learn more...

Date: 13 & 14 November 2010
Time: 10am to 4pm
Members: $220.00
Non members: $240.00 (includes Associate Membership fee)

Cost also includes some materials.



The Crossing IV 2006
Martin King
Etching 45x35cms

Please note that participants of workshops held at the Warringah Printmakers Studio need to become at least Associate members of the Studio. Unless stated otherwise, the cost for workshops does not include the membership fee.

Weekend and midweek workshops are arranged in response to demand, so please enquire.


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Printmaking Workshop in Florence
21st September - 6th October 2010

Annie Day & Robin Ezra

Swirling Leaves  collagraph

NEW  'bring a friend' discount...

Enter Florence Workshop

Annie Day and Robin Ezra will be your teachers. Enjoy 60 hours of expert tuition over 12 days of studio-based teaching where you will receive personalised tuition & practice hands-on the printmaking techniques of Waterless Lithography and Collagraphy in a welcoming environment. Participants at any level of experience are welcome from beginners to practicing printmakers and artists





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RONI HENNING Screenprint Workshop   
Water-Based Screenprinting 2010 Summer Workshops

7908 Ridge Blvd, Brooklyn, New York 11209


These workshops will introduce you to the diversity and excitement of Silkscreen Printing. Work with bold, painterly colors, hand drawn and delicate details and photographic and digital images.  The workshops cover all the basics and then expand to explore more creative and complex techniques including Henning's unique watercolor, colored pencil, and charcoal monotypes.

All the workshops are taught by Roni Henning, Masterprinter, Artist and Author of two books on Water-Based Screenprinting. Her latest Water-Based Screenprinting Today published by Watson-Guptill is now available.

June 14 - 18,  10am - 4pm     Limited to 6

5 Day Innovative, Experimental Workshop pushing the medium beyond the traditional. 

Open to all levels of students.

$100 per day.  Take all 5 days or only as many as you want.


July 10 - 11,  10am - 4pm       Limited to 4

Introduction to Screenprinting and covering all the traditional methods including tee-shirt printing. 

Open to all levels of students

$250 + $25 supply fee


August 9 - 13,  10am - 4pm    Limited to 7

Center For Contemporary Printmaking

Mathews Park, 299 West Ave

Norwalk, Ct 06850


$475 + $30 studio fee  Limited to 7

Traditional Screenprinting for all levels of students


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