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COLORLAB - Maria Boto Ordonez
Art and Science

Laboratorium, KASK,
Ghent Art Academy

María Boto is a scientific researcher at KASK/School of Arts 

of University College Ghent, where she is responsible for 

Laboratorium: the experimental lab for art/design and 

biotechnology of KASK. Her main research interest is on the search 

for alternative and sustainable coloring materials to be applied

 in the fields of art and design.  email

alternative and sustainable
coloring materials to be applied in
the fields of art and design


Preview:  Colorlab Chicago - 2024

a collaborative project and exhibition with master
painting students and artists connected to
Columbia College Chicago, inspired by
Colorlab research and materials

Robyn Flynn

Bibiana Saucedo

Juan Herrera-Salcedo


Abena Motaboli is a Southern African born educator, 

visual artist, and writer based in Chicago.

Abena specializes on alternative pigments and paints.

painting on canvas

tea, coffee, Cochineal, and other natural 

paint formulations



Olivia Petrides - natural forces in ink and paint

detail of 'Aurora XI',

ink and gouache on paper, 2009


Leah Fanning

'Slowly Surely'

Art from the Earth (’10 -’14)

This series began with the desire to continue to paint with oils, but without toxic solvents, toxic paints or unsustainable materials. This soon evolved into also finding my own earth pigments; incorporating ashes from our wood stove; adding creek sand, marble dust and granite dust into the paints; using local walnut oils and exploring sustainable surfaces. This then lead me into a deeper connection with our natural world as I left the studio and made a connection with these materials.