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A private, academic Research Resource on Nontoxic Printmaking | Essays on Printed Art | Safer Painting | Art and Health | Graphic Innovation | Non-Hazardous Practice, Methods and Materials | Solvents and VOCs | Wellness in Professional Art Practice  |  Health and Safety in the visual Arts and Crafts

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is a private resource
published by an artist and researcher based in Chicago
in collaboration with authors & advisors.

articles on nontoxicprint are published and developed by invitation;
we welcome other suggestions and submissions;
work sent for consideration should be well edited and researched,
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The information on this website is based on what the editor and individual authors believe to be
examples of current safety-conscious practice. Progress in the field is ongoing, opinions vary,
and new findings emerge frequently. Issues of health and improved working practices
affect everyone involved in making art, and this publication tries to offer a discourse beyond 
any perceived distinction between 'innovative' and 'traditional', 'green' or 'toxic'.

Please feel free to use information from this site for your research and practice, 
but please reference the copyright of authors and this website (
in any materials you may wish to use. 

This is not a formal, official, or a comprehensive, safety site: we publish suggestions, research,
and recommendations about good practice and new developments, both by experts
and by informed authors and lay persons. Please let us know if you feel additional information
or a correction needs to be added to a page.

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