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Essays on Printed Art



The Art of Roberto Parada

   Staying well as a Professional Artist

    Unmapping the World

Reflections on
the Art of Tracy Hill

by Friedhard Kiekeben, 2018

   Deciduous Drawings | Insoluble Ink

[Walking in Wetlands with Tracy Hill]
An essay by Deborah Stevenson   

    The Decisive Moment

The Art and Photography of Henrik Bøegh,
by Friedhard Kiekeben

    Rothko’s Methods revealed

article by Jane Qui  

    A Painter who became allergic to paint

Color-field painting, freedom, and Art

article by Friedhard Kiekeben and Willy Richardson 

    Pause Fast Forward and Play

essay on Keith Howard's prints, 

by Alan Singer in conversation with Friedhard Kiekeben


    Art from The Basement

editor's introduction on printed art and new approaches

   Exposing Ourselves to Art

toxic art materials, health issues and art history

Scott Fields

    On Big Drawings

             Jennifer Shaw

    The Contemporary Printmaker
        Friedhard Kiekeben

     A History of Electro Etching
        Cedric Green

    Painting with Radium
        The Radium Girls

    Intaglio Type

a breakthrough in contemporary printing

    Not Dying for Their Art

            Alicia Gregory


Endi Pokovic        


Jenny Robinson     

    Grafisk Eksperimentarium

by Elisa Angelina

     The “Green" Art School

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Susan Groce, Invasive Species, 2008