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Health in the Arts 

This newly created resource 
Health in the Arts Compendium
encompasses a very substantial collection 
of writings about all health and safety topics 
relevant to visual artists working in most 
of the established mediums, including drawing 
and painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry etc., 
as well as many more articles dedicated to specialized 
and science-based health and safety topics and 
experience and advice from the medical field.

Many of the articles included here were created by the Center for Safety in The Arts. This new resource of about 130 articles edited and compiled by Friedhard Kiekeben for nontoxicprint, is a collaboration with the Health in The Arts Institute at the University of Illinois Chicago. It is designed to be useable as a stand-alone resource as well as an expanded pool of essays on topics that integrate very well with other areas, pages and subjects on   |    We are especially grateful to Dr David Hinkamp, MD, MPH, for his kind assistance in creating this online work which we hope will be of interest to artists, educators, teachers, and hobbyists from many fields of creative practice.

the following pages may be of interest  :

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  UIC Health in the Arts


    Visual Arts Techniques (all)


    Solvent Safety and VOCs

    Inorganic Vapors and Dusts

    Ventilation in Art Studios and Workshops

    Lead Toxicity in the Arts

    Respirator use in Art and Craft Practices

    Art Safety Basics

    Special Topics in Art Health and Safety

    Sickness and Incidents in the Visual Arts | Legal Cases

    Art Safety for Kids and Schools

special thanks to Nina Lawrin for her help in editing this resource

ALL PAGES : Health in The Arts

Plastics: Overview

Hazards and Precautions in Art?

 Painting and Drawing

Oil Painting Hazards in Classrooms

Metal Pigments used in Paints and Inks

High School Turpentine Exposure

Recalls of Imported Crayons Because of Lead Poisoning Hazard

Marker Hazards and Children

Respiratory Problems in Art Teachers

Consumer Product Safety Alert: Children's Art Labeling


More Problems with Crayons

Scented Crayons

Occupational Asthma

Letter: Whiteboard Markers

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