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Health and Safety
in Drawing and Painting

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Introductory Article: Exposed to Art

Safe Painting Guide - subject overview

Safe Painting for Art and DIY

Safe Painting for Artists 


    Hazards and Precautions in Art
 Painting and Drawing

    Safer Substitutes in Art

    Oil Painting Hazards in Classrooms

    Pigment Safety

    Metal Pigments used in Paints and Inks

   Solvents used in the Arts

    High School Turpentine Exposure

    Recalls of Imported Crayons Because of Lead Poisoning Hazard

    Marker Hazards and Children

    Respiratory Problems in Art Teachers

    Consumer Product Safety Alert: 
Children's Art Labeling

    Ventilation of Toxic Substances

    Lead Poisoning in Art


    More Problems with Crayons

    Scented Crayons

    Occupational Asthma 

    "Nontoxic" Labels on Art Supplies Raise Concerns

    Letter: Whiteboard Markers

The Art of Roberto Parada     Staying well as a Professional Artist