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Special Topics in Art
Health and Safety

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    "Nontoxic" Labels on Art Supplies Raise Concerns

    Chicago Health Resources

    Editorial: Labeling on Children's Art Supplies

    Understanding Material Safety Data Sheets

    Labeling of Art Materials: Overview

    Eye and Face Protection

    Emergency Equipment

    Introduction to Waste Management for Artists and Schools

    NIOSH Filter Selection

    Selection of appropriate protective Gloves

    Reducing Hazardous Waste

    Understanding MSDS Sheets

    MSDS Inaccuracy

    OSHA Update: Retailers and MSDSs

    Environmental Claims on Labels

    Health Hazard Assessment in School Arts and Crafts

    Spills and Leaks

    Reading Label Warnings on Art Materials

    Bloodborne Pathogens

    Poison Control Report

    National Health Organizations   (US)

    Celluloid Film Hazards in Conservation

    Use, Hazards and Precautions of Phosphine

    Indoor Air Quality in Design Offices, Digital Studios, and Computer Labs