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Art Safety for Kids
and Schools

(kids paint at a Target department store, 2021)

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    Oil Painting Hazards in Classrooms

    Chalk Dust

    Editorial: Continuing Problems with Children's Art Materials

    Lead in Playgrounds

    Letter: Microdye

    More Problems with Crayons

    Editorial: Labeling on Children's Art Supplies

    Letter: Whiteboard Markers

    Lead Crayons Recall

    Scented Crayons

    Spirit Duplicators

    What Should Not Be Taught

    Art Materials Labelling

    Photo Processing Hazards in Schools

    Substitution in K-12 Education

    Respiratory Problems in ?Art Teachers

    Substitution of Art Hazards

    High School Turpentine Exposure

    Lead Poisoning in Art

    Introduction to Waste Management for Artists and Schools

    Lead Free Enamels

    Marker Hazards and Children

    Responsibilities of Toymakers

    Consumer Product Safety Alert: Children's Art Labeling

    "Nontoxic" Labels on Art Supplies Raise Concerns

    Hazards and Precautions in Art -  Painting and Drawing

    Pigment Safety

    Woodworking Hazards



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