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Traditional Printmaking

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    Intaglio Health and Safety: Overview

    Acid Etching Hazards

    Using a Safer Mordant for Intaglio Etching

    Silkscreen Printing

    Condensed Milk and Photo-Sensitized Silkscreens

    Lithography, Intaglio and Relief Printing

    Lawsuit against Naz-Dar and Architect

    Dutch Mordant and Etching Hazards

    Printing Presses

    Art School Pays $260,000 in Lawsuit

    Common Solvent Causes Birth Defects

    Rosin Hazards   (in music and printmaking)

    Fatalities from Acute Solvent Exposures

    Reproductive Hazards in the Arts and Crafts

    Hazardous Reactions in Art

    Art Teacher Sues and Wins

    Spills and Leaks