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Sculpture Safety

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Introductory Article: Exposed to Art

    Woodworking Hazards

    Laser Cutting Safety

    3D Printer Safety

    Lead Poisoning in Art


    Metalworking: General Overview & Welding

   Solvents used in the Arts

    Respiratory Hazards

    Adhesives and Toxicity  - also: hot glue safety

    Paint Removers

    Acid Etching Hazards

    Etch Zinc, Steel and Aluminium

    Etch Copper and Brass

    Silicosis Among New Jersey Pottery Workers

    Lead in the Home Pottery Studio

    Ventilation of Toxic Substances

    Health and Safety in Metal Jewelry: Overview

    Hazardous Reactions in Art

    Safer Substitutes in Art

    Art Safety Procedures for Art Schools and Art Departments

    Eye and Face Protection

    Emergency Equipment

    NIOSH Filter Selection

    Selection of appropriate protective Gloves

    Reducing Hazardous Waste

    Spills and Leaks

    Pigment Safety

    Spray Foam and Sheet Materials Hazards (polyurethane): Preventing Asthma
and Death from Diisocyanate Exposure


    Plastics: Overview

    Safe Painting for Art and DIY (industrial paints and coatings)

    Safe Spray Painting and Airbrushing

    The Chemistry of Acrylics