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Sickness and Incidents
in Visual Art Practice

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    Fatalities from Acute Solvent Exposures

    Art Teacher Sues and Wins

    Lead in the Home Pottery Studio

    Silicosis Among New Jersey Pottery Workers

    Spray Foam and Sheet Materials Hazards (polyurethane): Preventing Asthma
and Death from Diisocyanate Exposure

    Lawsuit against Naz-Dar and Architect

    Dutch Mordant and Etching Hazards

    Respiratory Problems in Art Teachers

    Art School Pays $260,000 in Lawsuit

    Common Solvent Causes Birth Defects

    Silicosis from working in ceramics

    Lead Poisoning in Art

    Occupational Asthma

    Artist Dies in Basement Cyanide Accident

    Rosin Hazards

    Dye Poisoning Report

    Chalk Dust