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Solvent Safety and VOC
Hazards in Art Making

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   Solvents used in the Arts

    Reproductive Hazards in the Arts and Crafts

    Common Solvent Causes Birth Defects

    High School Turpentine Exposure


    Oil Painting Hazards in Classrooms

    Respiratory Hazards

    Respiratory Problems in Art Teachers

    D- Limonene

    Adhesives and Toxicity

    Fatalities from Acute Solvent Exposures

    Oil Painting Hazards in Classrooms

    Silkscreen Printing

    Paint Removers

    Methylene Chloride Cancer Risk - (Paint Strippers)

    Fatal Incident involving Paint Stripper   |   OSHA

    Assistance in Preventing Asthma
and Death from
Diisocyanate Exposure

    Letter: Whiteboard Markers

    Spirit Duplicators